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Sunday, August 2, 2015


Yesterday I shared about talking with a man who was committed to what he “knew’ to be true over what the Bible actually says.  On our way home we ran into a couple at one of the airports who were engaged in training for ministry in a denomination that has completely abandoned what the Bible says.  They were excitedly sharing how they were in the process of ordaining those who were practicing homosexuals as well as performing “Christian” ceremonies to wed homosexual couples.
Whatever your view on this issue, the Bible is very clear that this behavior is sin.  It is also clear that those who are continuing to live unrepentant in sin, whatever that sin may be, are not to be in the leadership of a church.  Further, to sanction those who are living in unrepentant sin, again whatever that sin may be, is to participate in that sin.  Neither a local body nor a denomination should be engaged in either of these practices.

They shared that the wife was the one pursing the MDiv at the seminary.  She told me she was excited about the Greek and Hebrew she was taking.  She was taking Greek and Hebrew exegesis.  My internal response, really loud internal response, was, “Why?”  Why would one be excited about learning to study in detail that which one has rejected?  It frankly makes no sense.

It was all I could do to not say what I was thinking.  I did not.  The concourse at SEA-TAC three minutes prior to boarding was not the time nor place.

I wanted to.

I still do.

It makes me mad.  I have permission.  Look at Psalm 119:104, 113, 128, 158, 163, David says he hates and loathes those who have abandoned the Word of God.  So it is ok that it makes me mad…  But, on the other side of the coin, 2 Timothy 2:24 – 35 tells me I need to gently correct…

I know who they are.  I have a way to contact them.  I just have to pray through how and when.  SEA-TAC was not the right time or place.

1 comment:

  1. You pointed out a few days ago in this blog that because of the trajectory of the moral intolerance of our tolerant culture that those of us who hold positions like you have just espoused are facing choppy waters. It seems no exaggeration that this becomes more apparent in our local newspaper (in "conservative" Colorado Springs) morning by morning.

    If the history of the biblical Prophets is any indication, persecution will come not only, or maybe even primarily, from the ungodly who simply reject truth, but from those in the religious-political cabal. All those plans will be futile in the end, as we know, but in the meantime those who stand for truth, no matter how gracious and reasonable, will become the enemy of society to be destroyed.

    It may not be in my increasingly shortening lifetime, but I pray for my children, and especially grandchildren. They face a far different society than I did in the 40's and 50's.