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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Escaping Snares

Snares are a Certainty
The Lord encouraged me this morning through Psalm 119:110.  It is the case that if you choose to walk with the Lord and likewise choose to help others do so, you will be resisted.  That resistance will come from the enemy of Christ, but it will also come from the religious community.  We can say that with definite authority.  Why?  Ask yourself from where most of Christ’s resistance came.
Escaping Snares
I have been asked questions that are intended to paint me into a corner doctrinally.  I have been denied the ability to serve other believers because I did not attend a specific church, someone assumed that I did not hold to a certain creed, was not a member of the right denomination, or did not like the seminary I attended.

I have been laughed at and ridiculed by non-believers when I have gone out of my way to serve and minister to them.  I have been required to report to the police on a mission to equip believers to study the Bible.  I have had to guard what I said and been monitored by governments lest I say something that would lead someone to trust Christ.

How to Escape Snares
How does one deal with these kinds of traps and snares.  David tells us his method.  He does not go astray from the Lord’s precepts.  There have been times that I have been pressured to compromise what the Word says to get along or better fit in.  While I have not done so, I have been hesitant and not a clear in my positions as I could have been.  Those times did not work out well.

It is clear here that we are required by God to stick closely to His Word.  It is when we boldly do so that the snares will be ineffective.

I was encouraged and at the same time rebuked on this in my time in the Word this morning.  That is the amazing thing about God’s Word.  It both corrects and encourages at the same time.


  1. Someone observed, "You will have trouble in this world...." He knew what He spoke about from personal experience.

    1. Huh, wonder who that was? Thanks, good word...

  2. In this world all that live godly will face persecution, it is inescapable

    1. Yep. The thing we have to do is stay in and true to God's Word.