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Friday, June 12, 2015


Still in Psalm 76.  Several times in my quiet time I have been brought up short by verse 4.  Asaph describes God as resplendent.  He then compares Him with mountains.  I love mountains.  That is where I go to recharge.  One reason, they are stunningly gorgeous.  Asaph says God is more stunning.
But look at resplendent.  The word in Hebrew shows up 42 times in Scripture.  It is translated resplendent once here in verse 4.  In other places it is variously translated, shine brighter and brighter, fire, shone, kindle fire, brightened, shine, light, gives light, enlighten, illumine, lit, give light, the day dawned, and bright.  There is a pattern there, don’t you think?  It is the notion of a bright source of light.  Asaph describes God as a source of light.  But what kind?  The dictionary defines resplendent as: splendid, magnificent, brilliant, dazzling, glittering, gorgeous, impressive, imposing, spectacular, striking, stunning, majestic.

That brings to mind several other verses: 1 Timothy 6:16; Revelation 4 – 5, 21:23 - 27; and Ezekiel 1:4 – 28; to name a few.

Our God is the source of majestic light.  So much so that when men see a vision of that majesty they are undone.  Review Isaiah 6:1 – 7 and Revelation 1:12 – 17.

It is by and for Him we have been chosen to call Him Abba.

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