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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Father’s Day

If you are a dad, you probably got a card today.  I got some starting Friday night.  With the logistics of having kids working with their lives and our family entering birthday month, we combine events to get through them all.
Father’s Day
Four Generations of John's, my dad, me, my son, and his son.
So what is this Father’s thing we do?  When does it end?  How does it change?

I have shared multiple times here Deuteronomy 6:6 – 7, 20, those passages tell us that the expectation of the Lord is that we will be processing life with our kids through the grid of the Scripture.  There are a couple of other implications.  First that our kids know that we are in the Word.  When they have a question the first thing they think is, “dad will know that.”  That means that they have confidence in our understanding of the Word.  That does not come over night.  It is developed over time engaging in their lives intentionally in and through the Word of God.

When does it stop?

It don’t.

I have four married children.  Two of the couples have two kids.  The other two have either not been married long enough or have been in work situations that have not allowed them to have children yet.  Our role as parents has changed.  We now have a role as grandparents.  Deuteronomy 6:6 – 7 still applies, and now it applies to two generations after us.  But now Deuteronomy 6:20 kicks into a higher gear.  Rather than speaking into things we see, now we are more and more waiting to be asked.  The grandchildren ask a lot.

So this father thing changes but it does not go away.

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