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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Two Things

First, today 37 years ago my wife said I do – so did I.  She got a whole lot more than she bargained for; at least on the sickness and health front.  We have four kids who are walking with the Lord, married to believers, four grandchildren, currently, who are being raised to follow Christ.  We are engaged in helping others in the Word.  Not sure how it can get better.
Two Things
Second, last month when the docs told me I had cancer, while I knew that it was just the next segment of the journey, there were at least a couple of realities that kicked in.  My oldest grandchild is four and a half.  The youngest is 7 months.  The reality is that if Christ chose to call me home, they would not have any memory of me other than photos.  So…  What do you do about that?

I shared a couple of months ago that recently, nearly every time I am around the four year old she begins to ask questions about some character in the Bible.  Some of those conversations have been really long especially for a four year old.  That gave me an idea…

Why not record a series of videos in which I tell the current and theoretical future grandchildren stories from the Bible?  So in my journal I began to list what those could be…  That list gets long fast.  Today I came to the conclusion that it would probably be just as effective to start in Genesis and start telling the story.  One or two a day…  It will take a long time.  I may not finish.  If I don’t start, that’s a given.

Someone telling you that you have cancer can probably have a number of impacts.  For me, it was focus.  I was not going to change the trajectory of what I was doing, I know that I am doing what the Lord wants me to do.  But, with regard to my grandkids, what can I leave them that will draw them into what I passionately love, the Word.

It would have to be the videos.  So I will start…  The implicit message here is do not wait for a cancer diagnosis to get focused.  Build your legacy for your grandkids now.

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