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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Miss Many Meals?

(This is a bit late today because my schedule was all goobered up and I am recovering from one of the worst sinus infections I have ever had – and that is saying something.)

I work through an old copy of the Book of Common Prayer during my quiet times.  I am not Episcopal, nor do I have Episcopal leanings – not sure what those would be.  An Episcopal priest gave it to me at a wedding I was in back in the 70’s.  I work through the morning and not very often the evening readings on a fairly regular basis.  I find the connections between the passages that were assembled in 1549 interesting.  Sometimes I see the thread they were following.  Often the passages chosen 463 years ago speak exactly to the issues I am facing.  I find that connection to those who have plowed the same ground in this journey not only encouraging but also humbling at a deeply significant level.  But that is not what I was going to write about…
Eating the Word is like applying it to our lives...
Today took me to Ezekiel 2:1 – 3:3 (I added the last three verses – have always been a bit of a rebel.)  I was overwhelmed by the passage and thrown into about three others as I was working my way through the passage, namely Jeremiah 15:16; Ezra 7:10; and Job 23:12 (the notes from my journal are in the picture).

The attitude of these men toward God’s Word is an ever deepening challenge.  The imagery of Ezekiel 3:3 and Jeremiah 15:16 are nearly identical, and they are a close approximation of the sequence in which Ezra followed in 7:10.  What you eat becomes that of which your body consists.  That is a strong image of Ezra’s “practice.”  That brings us to Job…

Most of us reading Job 23:12, at least me, react with cynical incredulity.  Right, the Bible is more important than eating.  Not just snacks.  The food I need to survive, the necessary stuff.  It is like offering a malnourished man about to die 2 Timothy – and his response is deep, joyful, sincere gratitude.

I thought I loved the Word.


  1. Mike - great post. We just finished a 6-week bible study class at church about studying the bible (titled appropriately enough Eat The Word).

    One of the nuances here is learning to really be nourished by it - chew on it, digest it.

    By the way - bought your book.

    1. Greg - Thanks for the encouragement. Hope you enjoy the book. Let me know.