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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Understanding to the Simple

This morning at the end of our Bible study we were sharing prayer requests.  One of the men works with students in an ROTC unit.  One of his cadets had not passed the test that cadets take before the third year.  That means that he will no longer be in ROTC.  This kid is badly dyslexic, which contributed greatly to the result.  The request was that my friend would be able to work through the issue that the answer to their prayer that he would pass was “no”.
Understanding to the Simple
This afternoon while driving to be with my dad I was listening to Psalm 119.  About the third or fourth time through, Psalm 119:130 really grabbed my attention.  I have shared earlier how Bible study had transformed my learning experience.  I called my friend and suggested he push the cadet he was helping to begin to do verse analysis Bible studies.


Because in my experience, both personal and observing the impact on those with whom I have shared this study, the impact on them is far beyond learning a Bible study skill.  It taught me how to learn.  It does the same thing with the others with whom I have shared it.  It teaches research and the application of that research to a finite problem.

I do not know if my friend will follow through with this.  It is up to him.  He knows the situation much better than I.  He told me if he does he will let me know the outcome.  When and if he does I will share it with you.

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