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Saturday, June 6, 2015

The Power of Equipping

I have done this about 35 times in the past seven years.  In either a half day workshop or a 10 week class, I have equipped men to do a book overview using 2 Peter.  Additionally, several years ago I memorized 1 Peter and 2 Peter.  I translated the book from Greek to English at one point.  I am familiar with the 61 verses of 2 Peter.
The Power of Equipping
So when I share the methods with the men and they begin to work on the book, it is not new to me.  It is to them.  I have done this so many times that I tend to project my familiarity with the book onto the men in the workshop.  Mistake.  I usually snap out of it after they share what they got after the first reading.

The excitement of seeing that they can study the Word without the aid of secondary sources is invigorating.  I happened again this morning.  At the end of the four plus hours the men had charts of 2 Peter that captured what they saw in the book, and frankly are as good, no better than any commentary they could use.  Why?  Because it is their work.

One of the guys said it at the end of our time together, “I used to just read the commentaries, I see nowI can do this myself.”  He was pumped.  That is good.

The key now is that they continue to use the tools they were given this morning on the rest of the books in their Bibles.

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