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Thursday, June 4, 2015

Working as the Owner

Saturday I am doing a “Fathers to Sons” workshop in Borger, Texas.  I have discovered from my dad this week that I have deep roots there, but more on that later, maybe.  Talking to my friend the pastor this morning we determined I needed 30 – 40 more books.  So I went to a printer here in Huntsville to get them printed and bound.  For reference it was 12:30 PM.
Working as the Owner
When I walked into the printer there were about five people in there, none of which were doing anything but talking to one another.  None of the printers were being used.  So it looked like there would be capacity to get the job done.  No.  I was informed after I explained what I needed that they had three hundred books in front of me, not sure when they were going to start, but they would not have time to do my 30 copies.

So, I trucked on down to the local Office Depot.  I explained to the girl there what I needed and she assured me that she could get it done, but that they would not honor my tax exempt status.  I asked how much, it was quite a bit because they charge a lot for a color copy.  I had decided to bite the bullet on the price when she told me that she would have them tomorrow morning.  I reminded her that I had to have them today.  She said she thought she could get it done.  Thought?  I needed to know if she could.  She supposed so.  Supposed?  Supposed is not good enough, can you do it or not?  Bottom line she would not commit.  I walked out.

I found a printer in Conroe, thirty minutes away.  I called and explained the situation.  They were working on 800 books.  They closed 4 hours earlier than Office Depot.  Their punch for the spiral binder was broken.  But they would do it.

When I got there, it was three people.  All were moving rapidly.  Irene, took my file and converted the pages that had color on them to grey so I wouldn’t be charged for 29 color copies per book.  I don’t know how they got the pages punched.  But I have not 30 but 41 books because their price was about half of Office Depots’

Colossians 3:17, 23 tell us that we are to work hard and well for our Lord in whatever we do.  One way to do that is to do whatever we are asked to do with a whole heart.  All three of the people in Conroe did that.  There was evidence in the shop that they were believers.  They came up with the way to print the books so I did not have to pay for 29 color copies.  It took 15 minutes to fix, and saved me $200.

By their attitude and work ethic they demonstrated Colossians 3:17, 23.  It is no wonder that they have a consistent stream of work.

That is how we should approach all we do, as unto the Lord.  All we do should be excellent.  Because regardless of who our earthly boss may be, or how messed up they are, our ultimate boss is Christ.

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