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Friday, August 7, 2015

Fine, Fine, Fine, all the Time, Time, Time…

The Problem?
I have traveled four times to North Africa to work either in pre evangelism or with underground churches.  I traveled to a Caribbean nation five times working with believers there.  I have been in five Asian countries doing the same thing.  One of the realities that is dealt with in each place is a false teaching that when one becomes a believer suddenly all of their monetary and physical needs are supplied by their faith in Christ.  If they aren’t then they do not believe deeply enough.
Fine, Fine, Fine, all the Time, Time, Time…
What Does the Word Say?
To say that this teaching is difficult to validate from the Word of God would be an epic understatement.  To label it false teaching is overly kind.  I have mentioned that I am working through 1 and 2 Timothy with a group of men.  We were in 2 Timothy 2 this morning.  Take a look at 2 Timothy 2:3 – 7.  What does Paul call Timothy to join?
  • Suffering
  • Separation from the World
  • Hard Work with delayed gratification
Those things do not easily align with the message described above.  One of the major themes of 1 Peter is the suffering of believers.  Christ promised that as followers of Him we would be treated as He was treated, John 15:18 – 21.  He was persecuted and crucified.

One of the arguments might be that this word to Timothy was special because he was a leader in the church.  But that flies in the face of Matthew 28:18 – 20.  The apostles, including Paul, were to make disciples and teach them everything that Christ taught them.  That includes the call to suffer.

Does it Matter?
I do not hear that much.  I have not seen that cross stitched on many pillows.  It is the reality in many of the places I have traveled.  Yet there are still those who are teaching and proclaiming the message that faith brings wealth.

If I am reading this right, I believe I am, it is a different gospel.  Paul in Galatians 1:8 – 9 curses those who share a different gospel.

Probably want to stay away from that camp.

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