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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Slew of Perseverance

With apologies to John Bunyan…
Today I had about 9 hours blocked off to make significant headway on the curriculum project for pastors.  I really needed to stay focused and write.  I didn’t.  There is a lot of noise in our life right now.  Several issues that are weighing on my mind, probably more than on my wife’s.  Issues involving finances, ministry, church, health, and some of the material things of which we are stewards…
The Slew of Perseverance
All of that stuff, for lack of a more appropriate word, served as a kind of brain cloud (wonder how many of you will get that?) through which I had to work…  It was hard to focus, hard to press on, it was the slew of perseverance.

Progress in Spite of the Issues
By God’s grace I made progress.  Not as much as I wanted, but progress none the less.  I am more confident that I can hit the deadline.

Sometimes it is just work…
There are times when working on a project like this the concepts, words, and format just flows.  Not today.  Today it was a slog.  Today it was like digging a ditch, or doing my taxes.  Tasks for which I have a special all-consuming disdain.

The bizarre reality is that the goal of this project is my passion.  Getting men, in this case pastors in two countries, into the Word.

But today, it was just hard work.

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