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Saturday, August 15, 2015


The Context
My youngest son and his wife moved into their first home this weekend.  They are both teachers.  School started Wednesday.  They have had a rather busy week.  In the last few weeks they had to get their classrooms set up – oh, my son teaches high school chemistry and robotics, his wife teaches high school biology including honors biology.  They teach at the same school, they have adjoining labs, they share a storage room between the labs – they had to clean out and arrange the storage room, they had to check in new textbooks, get their first lesson plans ready, attend a bunch of meetings, pack, close, move, set up their new home and go back to class day after tomorrow.  They were not going to make it.
We figured that out last a couple of weeks ago.  We helped pack some last Saturday.  My wife went to their apartment nearly every day this week to pack boxes.  We started last evening after they closed moving a couple of small loads.  We started this morning at 0700 and finished at about 1800 this evening.  They had several friends a couple of uncles and most of our family helping.

At the end of the day they had a lot finished.  They had a place to sleep, they could take a shower, and their kitchen was most of the way set up so they could eat.  In the midst of this my daughter in law’s grandfather was having his 80th birthday.  There was a mini family reunion going on…  They missed a lot of it.

The Exhortation
Galatians 6:9 – 10 tells us to not grow weary in doing good, frankly we are.  But physical weariness is not what Paul has in mind here.  Rather, it is to weary of doing good.  It is relatively easy to serve your family.  This exhortation of Paul is much broader and at the same time emphatically focused.

Paul exhorts us to serve, do good without losing heart (there is another post in that phrase – maybe tomorrow).  Then he emphatically focuses us on serving those believers we know.

The Scope
My son and his wife are believers.  Pretty much all of those helping the last few days are also believers.  It takes time.  It takes us away from what we planned.  But the reality is that is our assignment.  Not only for our families but also for our neighbors and especially for those in our communities of faith.

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