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Monday, August 31, 2015

Abiding in John

Μένω in John
1 John is back on my plate.  We are doing an overview in our study tomorrow morning.  I have noted elsewhere that John uses the word μένω, abide, 11 times in John 15:1 – 16.  It is one of the central points of His last time with the 12 before His arrest.
Abiding in John
Μένω in 1 John
John uses repetition quite a bit to make his points.  So I was interested to see if he used μένω in 1 John.  He does, 22 times.

When we see repetition that dense, especially in the work of the same author, it raises, or should raise the question, “Why is that so important?”

Read through 1 John, μένω is translated in most of your Bibles as abide, or remain.  Why do you think John repeated this term so often?

1 comment:

  1. For decades of my active Christian life I have thought I could (and should) live the Christian life myself. Oh, I "knew" better; I had studied, heard messages, given messages and shared John 15 many times, not to mention many other passages with similar ideas if not the same words.

    But I didn't. I utterly failed in situation after situation when any stress was involved that upset my carefully crafted plans.

    Did God bless my efforts? Yes, many times He did to some degree. But in the dark depths of my heart the Light was only a dim glimmer.

    Why does He repeat and emphasize truths in the Scriptures? At least one reason is gradually soften our hard hearts and dull ears so that we can "get it."

    I think I'm beginning (emphasis on beginning) to get the idea, at least. The practice is still shaky. I just wish it hadn't taken so long....