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Sunday, August 9, 2015

Making the Simple Wise

Brain Food
As I have shared previously I have been working through Psalm 119 for the past several weeks.  I work through three octets a week with a group of men most of whom I have known for 40 years.  It is a great time.  We meet on line, video chat.  I share that to emphasize that whatever you need to do to get pushed in Bible study, do it.
Making the Simple Wise
This week we are in Psalm 119:121 – 141, it is a good section, but truthfully there isn’t a bad one.  I want to focus on Psalm 119:130 and while you are at it check out Psalm 19:7.  Those passages describe me perfectly.

I wrote about this some time back, but it bears another look.  Through nearly 40 years of working with men in the Word, I can say with complete certainty that learning to study the Word will prepare a person to learn better than any other discipline of which I am aware.  I have seen men who have been labeled dumb jocks, who struggled with academics, after diving deep into the Word not only be transformed intellectually, but begin to lead others in and through the Word.

Why is that?

Tailored Brain Food
Psalm 119:73 gives us a hint.  God made each of us.  He knows us intimately, for instance the number of hairs on our head, Matthew 10:30.  He also knows how we best learn, what it is that will allow us to learn more of Him.  Couple that with one aspect of the ministry of the Holy Spirit, John 16:13, and we have the case where the author of the book created us, knows how we learn, and is personally guiding us into truth.  That is an impossible combination to beat.

The Only Barrier
We are the only ones who can short circuit that process.  How?  By either not doing what Christ said, abide in His Word, John 15:7, or by bailing out of a passage before we have struggled with it and dive into secondary sources like the notes in our study Bibles, commentaries, other experts, or that repository of all knowledge and truth, the internet via Google…

The Incomprehensible Offer
Think of the reality that these passages reveal.  I’ll say it again, the creator of the universe who was intimately, intentionally involved in your creation, who knows how you best learn, is committed to lead you into truth, to teach you personally.  How can we turn that down?

Don’t Settle for the Crumbs
Sadly, many of us do.  We settle for a steady diet of books about the Bible, good but not inspired.  We settle for listening to our favorite speakers.  We settle.  Why settle when we have been offered a completely transforming educational experience?

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