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Monday, August 3, 2015

The Foundation of Appropriate Hate

There are a lot of things that bother me.  I shared one of them yesterday.  Today is a bit of an expansion on that theme.

Driving around town from time to time I see bumper stickers – I am convinced that there are some folks who are committed to sharing their entire world view on the back of their cars…  One of them I see frequently is this one:
The Foundation of Appropriate Hate
 The problem is how many of those who slap that sticker on their bumper define hate.  Basically if you don’t agree with their position you are a hater…  It is a form of verbal tyranny.  I have also seen bumper stickers that claim that God does not hate anyone, those folks are Biblically illiterate, Romans 9:13.

But there is more.  Psalm 119:113, David says that he hates the double minded, in the context, those who turn their back on or place their hope in something other than God and His Word.

I get that.

I am totally and completely confused how one can claim to be a follower of Christ and yet take positions that are militantly unbiblical.  I was talking earlier this morning about yesterday’s blog post to a friend.  He told me of one of his acquaintances who though conservative in their approach to the Bible was attending a liberal seminary.  He shared that in the Greek and Hebrew exegesis classes the professors have to work incredibly hard to force the text to support the positions that they have chosen.  Technically, that is called eisegesis.  It is a whole lot easier to let the Bible say what it says.

I am going to choose to stand with David.  I choose to hate that behavior.  I choose to hate those who twist the Word of God to their own ends.  So:
The Foundation of Appropriate Hate

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