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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This morning our Tuesday morning Bible study finished our study of Psalm 119.  Well, the group did.  I missed a couple of weeks so I have that section to do.  I also was caught short this week – it took much longer to live than I had planned, so I was not able to put the time into the last four octets I would have preferred.  So I am not finished…

Frankly, we went through the Psalm faster than I had planned.  So, I will stay a bit longer in David’s opus on God’s word.  I will probably go back to an octet a week.

At the end of our time together we discussed for a short time what we wanted to study next.  It was short because I had to get on the road.  Shutting down my iPad would end the conference call.  Just before I did that, one of the guys suggested Romans

In the last year, before he joined we studied 4 – 8.  Last year I studied Romans with the Moroccan pastor I meet with each week.  I know the older guys in the group have studied Romans several times, as I have.

Not Done…
But none of us is done.  We may have studied Psalm 119, we may have studied Romans 10 times.  We may have several outlines in our files.  We are not done with either passage.  Certainly, neither passage is done with us.

Living and Active
It is the nature of the Word of God that it cannot be mastered.  It can be studied.  I may be able to outline the content of a portion of the book.  I may be able to relate portions together.  There is still more to the Book than I will ever see.


I think David captures it best in Psalm 119.  Throughout the psalm he asks equally to be revived by God and His Word.  This is significant because David attributes the ability to revive both to God and also separately to His Word.  The import of that is that God’s Word is of God.  That is it reflects the God’s nature and character.

Peter got this.  He says in 2 Peter 1:3 – 4, that we become partakers of God’s nature through His Word.  Think on that.  Engaging in the Word is engaging in the nature and character of God.

How then could we be so arrogant to think we could master it?  We will never be done.  We may finish a study, but we are never done.

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