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Friday, August 7, 2015

Guarding the Baggage

Unwarranted Despair
I met this morning with a friend with whom I had lost contact for several years.  We spent some time getting caught up on our families and then he asked me to share about what we have been doing in our ministry, Entrusting Truth.
Guarding the Baggage
After I shared what we have been doing here, in Africa, and Asia, he shared that he had felt called to do more but was stuck in his current situation.  This man is president and CEO of an organization.  His position in his company and community affords him opportunities that I will never have.  Because of his financial success he is able to support multiple ministries.

When he shared he felt like he wasn’t doing more I reminded him of Psalm 139:1 – 18, and Ephesians 2:10.  He is right where God wants him now.  I also reminded him of Philippians 1:3 – 7; 4:17.  There Paul tells the Philippian believers that their support of his ministry credited the work he had done to their account.  His sandals may have been in the sand but it was their ministry.  Same with my friend.

Equal in Ministry
We give too much credit to those of us who go to places like Nepal and Morocco.  In reality I cannot accomplish anything here, in Nepal, Morocco, or any other place for that matter, without the prayer, and that is listed first on purpose, and financial support of those who are on my team.  It is their ministry as much if not more than mine.

David believed that as well.  In 1 Samuel 30:22 – 24 there was controversy among David’s men.  The ones who went to the battle with him felt that those who stayed behind to guard the supplies should not share in the spoils of their victory.  David said emphatically that those who stayed behind had an equal share in the spoil and thus the victory.  They were as much a part of the victory as those who went with David to the battle field.

Equally Critical Roles
Thus it is today.  Those who pray and give to a ministry share in result of that ministry equally with those whom they pray for and support.  We are a body.  We have different functions.  All of those functions are critical.


  1. Love your blog. Please check out and join my blog - I write about my Bible studies.

  2. And don't forget the parents who send off their sons, daughters and grandchildren. Or sacrificial wives and sometimes children who give up their husbands, family and vacation times for husbands who go and serve for periods far away for the sake of the Good News. Their rewards are great!