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Friday, August 14, 2015

Eating One’s Own Dog Food

The Mission
For the past several days I have been working on curriculum for a series intended to train pastors in developing nations.  I have been assigned several modules of that training.  I have a top level outline, but I am tasked to come up with sentence outlines for each of the sections.  To prepare a couple of the sections I have been reviewing some of my class notes from seminary, riveting stuff.
Eating One’s Own Dog Food
I have some experience with this task in Nepal, Morocco, and Trinidad and Tobago.  Some of my material has been used in Liberia and Uganda.  That experience has shaped, informed my thinking on how to best approach these topics.  This afternoon as I was working through the material, I found myself weighing different ways to approach the subjects.  At one point I was thinking that I would like to get with the man I am working with on this and engage in some extended prayer about the direction…  Then it struck me…

Bailing Out
…I was wanting to do what I encourage others not to do, go to men instead of going to the Lord.  I wanted the companionship of another rather than taking my questions and concerns directly to Him.  The reality is He knows who is going to be involved in this training.  He knows how they best learn, Psalm 119:73.  So it makes sense rather than going to get help from the guy with whom I will be working, I should rather ask the One who created those who will be coming to the training how to proceed.

Seems like somebody wrote about this just yesterday…

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