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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Enemies of God

More Familiar Territory
Romans has been another book in which I have invested much time.  2 Peter still holds the record, I have lost count of the number of times I have read and studied that book, probably because it is the book I most use in our workshops.
Enemies of God
Despicable We
But Romans… I was reading this morning in Romans 5, again trying to catch up; didn’t.  I got stopped again this time in Romans 5:6 – 10.  Romans 5 is a great, joyous chapter.  In there we see the answer to all of the despair of the first four chapters, the sacrifice of Christ.  But in the midst of that great joy the theme of our abject rottenness is continued.  Look at the words Paul uses to describe us:
Verse Descriptor
5:6 helpless
5:6 ungodly
5:8 sinners
5:10 enemies
Inconceivable Sacrifice
Those words describe those for whom Christ died.  Paul rightly points out in verse 7 that, frankly, that does not make any sense.  Why in the fat would anyone die for people like that?  For that matter, why die for any of the people described in chapters 1 – 3, they are arrogant, legalistic, proud, and perverted.

But He did.

Oh thank God.

He did.

1 comment:

  1. Worth an entire lifetime of meditation and wonder. And I think it will be an increasing realization throughout eternity as we explore and learn more and more resulting in more ecstatic worship of the Lamb who along is worthy - without end.