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Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The first few words of Rick Warren’s book, The Purpose Driven Life, are, “It’s not about you.”  If you read the book, you know that he was referring to the truth that the big story is about God.  We are here for Him not the other way around.  Rick is right.  However there are some things that are about you.
We cannot live the Christian Life on someone else's study.
In Romans 14:22 Paul is speaking to the behavior that resulted from the Roman believers faith.  It is an important passage.  Its importance has taken on greater significance, in my estimation, because of the ease of reading and “studying” books like The Purpose Driven Life, the ready availability of messages on the internet, and the proliferation of other ways people share what they are learning.
We cannot navigate the Christian life successfully on someone else’s convictions.  When I stand before God He is not going to ask me what

I did with my pastor’s beliefs.  We are going to discuss what I did.  What I believe.  I am not responsible for anyone’s faith but my own.  That is why it is critical that we are in the Word for ourselves.  We cannot walk with God on the basis of someone else’s study.