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Saturday, June 16, 2012


Reading in Psalm 44 just now I was struck by a couple of thing.  Verses 1 – 8 seem to be a fairly accurate rehearsal of God’s dealing with Israel.  I have a hard time squaring 9 – 26 with the reality of Israel’s response to God; on just about every point.
Our view of how we are doing in our walk with God may not be aligned with God's view of how we are doing.
I may not have the timing right on the Psalm but it seems to me that the sons of Korah have a overly rosy view of the nation’s obedience to God.  Thinking through this I wonder if that is not the case for us as well?  We tend to view our relationship with God from our perspective.  We are doing pretty well.  But from where God sits we are not really doing all that well in following Him.  So when He disciplines us or chastises us, we are like the kid caught with our hand in the cookie jar, “Who me?”  From our perspective we are following hard after God, from his we are wandering around in the bush.

Perhaps the message here is that we need to ask Him how we are doing, and listen hard to the answer, rather than complaining that He has not appreciated our obedience.  What do you think?