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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Difficult Reality

In the past couple of days one of the realities of the eternal kingdom has been a source of struggle for me.  That reality is that there will be people there that right now I do not like very much; in fact they qualify as enemies.  We Christians, in this life, seem to do a fairly good job of destroying one another.  I do not remember that as one of the “one another” passages, nonetheless through experience and observation it seems to be one of the more applied principles in the Christian body.
There will be people in eternity with whom we do not now get along...  What are we to do with that?
I have mentioned before the study on the Kingdom of God that some of my friends and I are doing.  Reflecting on some of the implications of the Kingdom, it occurred to me that reconciliation and forgiveness, at some level, is and should be driven by the reality that in the Kingdom we are going to reside for eternity with those with whom we have struggles with here, now.  Last time I looked eternity is longer than I will have to endure whoever I struggle with here.  So the application seems to be – I say “seems to be” in order to give myself an out – that I need to forgive and reconcile with those with whom I struggle.  Romans 12:8 reinforces this.  The problem is I dive too quickly to the phrase “as far as it depends on you,” and take the easy way out.  This seems really hard to me.  Really hard, but really central to the way Christ would have us live.  It is a whole lot easier to write about this than to do it.