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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


This afternoon I was leaving a meeting with a guy and putting my stuff in the back of the rental car, I have two cars in the shop for body work right now, long story.  On the floorboard of the back seat there I noticed a book that did not belong to me.  It was a Bible with a gold name on the front and a pen shut between Proverbs 28 & 29.  I have misplaced Bibles before with my name in gold on the front, never to be seen again.  On the way home from the meeting I wondered if I would be able to find, let’s call him, Don.
What do you do with other people's stuff that you find?
Looking more closely at the Bible back in my office there was a note from Don’s mom in the back with another name and phone number.  I started there.  The number turned out to be financial aid at some school.  So I looked up the last name in the phone book.  There were not many entries, uncommon name so I started calling.  On about the third no answer, I realized that the folks were probably at work so I quit and decided to call tonight.  Started working on another project and my office phone rang.  It was Don’s stepmom calling back with the, “Somebody just called this number,” bit.  We chatted for a bit and she told me she would have Don call me.  She sounded a bit surprised that Don had a Bible, so maybe that will start a conversation.

When we find other people’s stuff how should we react?  For me I treat it like I would want someone to treat my stuff if they found it.

PS. I have a lot of friends in Colorado Springs.  Several of them have had to evacuate.  This afternoon the fire was less than a mile from two of my friend’s houses.  Please PRAY for God’s intervention in this fire.