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Monday, June 11, 2012

More and Distinguished

Balaam is one of the Bible’s more less distinguished characters.  Check out Numbers 22 – 23 for the complete tale and 2 Peter 2:15 – 16.  He started well though.  In Numbers 22 Balak sent the elders to Balaam to hire him to curse Israel as the nation came out of Egypt.  Balaam’s response was to check with God.  God said no and that was good enough for Balaam.
Do not let important people lead you away from following God.
Then Balak sent “leaders, more numerous and more distinguished.”  This is the world’s strategy.  The world will try to turn your head with the rich and famous.  The fact that someone who is “somebody” is paying attention to you, is flattering and can move you off of obedience to God.  The result can be a short conversation with a donkey.

1 comment:

  1. I guess if there is a consolation, a discussion with a donkey (I've had a few) is better than an encounter with the angel of the Lord with a drawn sword. Not that I haven't tried my best probably a lot of times. In addition to the "donkey's" in my life I've also been showered with deluges of God's grace.