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Thursday, June 7, 2012


From time to time I read the headlines on the website  On rare occasions I will read an article that grabs my attention.  Then I will quickly scan the comments, which is a singularly frustrating endeavor.  This morning was one of those occasions.  John Piper wrote a short couple of paragraphs on election.  I like Piper.  So I read what he said and then looked at the comments.  Shouldn’t have.  Opinion does not equal truth.  Most of those who commented on Piper both missed his point, and are convinced that their opinion has the weight of Scripture.  Sad.
If we do not agree with God is that sin?
Set aside election from Piper’s work and examine his main point.  It is basically that if God has taken a position on something and you do not accept it, you are in sin.  It is simple, and he is right.  There may be some debate on what positions God has taken, but the thrust of what Piper says is correct.

God is God, we are not.  If we do not agree with Him, by definition that is sin.  We tend to confuse sin as something we do, no.  It is what, who we are.  We cannot follow the Law, the 10 commandments, because that Law is a reflection of the nature and character of God.  It was given to clearly communicate that to us and drive us to the realization that we needed transformation through faith in Christ, Galatians 3:23 – 29.  The Greek word for sin essentially means to miss the mark.  Our nature apart from Christ is different than God’s, not aligned with Him in thought, word, or deed.  Sin.  We miss the mark.  So if we disagree with Him, Piper is correct it is sin.

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