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Sunday, June 24, 2012


Judges 2:7, 10 – 11 is a passage which reminds me to journal so that I will remember what God has done.  The price of forgetting is high.  This morning the pastor of a church I visited shared another passage that reminds me of the same thing, Joshua 4:1-10.
We have to work to remember what God has done.  It takes time and interrupts our day, but it is critical.
You know the story there.  The nation has completed their exile in the wilderness.  They are on task to take possession of the land that the Lord has promised them.  They come to the Jordan and as He parted the Red Sea, He parts the Jordan so that the nation walks across to the Promised Land on dry riverbed.  Think about this for a second.  They blew it once before.  All of the people who rejected the Lord’s gift are beneath the sand in the desert.  They have just experienced God’s power in the crossing of the Jordan, and they are standing on the land for the first time with all of it before them to take.  They have a significant project ahead of them with a long do list.  But before they can take the next step, God tells them to stop, get some rocks, make a pile, so they can remember.  Stunning.

God interrupted their conquest so that they would remember what He had done for them.  It took time.  It took effort.  It interrupted what they thought God wanted them to do.  We are like them.  We are on task.  We are focused on our project.  We are busy.  We need to interrupt what we are doing to record and remember what God is doing and has done in our days.  If not we are in danger – no check that – we will forget what He has done.  Judges 2:7, 10 – 11 tells us were that leads.