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Thursday, June 14, 2012


The man walked through the refugee camp with a bullhorn.  He was sharing the gospel.  He did not see anyone outside of the tents through which he was walking.  He was in section F of the camp in the Republic of Guinee that housed thousands of Liberian refugees.  In one of the tents a 15 year old boy was listening.  He was not sure why this time, this man caught his attention.  But when the man shared how to receive Christ, Eric Wowoh did.  Then the man suggested that whoever prayed that prayer should seek help from Christians in the camp.  He left.  He did not know if anyone responded.  He has never met Eric.
The man sharing the gospel with the bullhorn in the refugee camp does not know the impact he had on a country through the gospel.
Fast forward 20 some years.  Through God’s work more extensive than room here allows Eric was relocated to the United States.  He viewed the opportunity afforded him here as a responsibility to help those who were in his home country.  To date he has shipped multiple containers of humanitarian aid.  He has built 5 schools, and is working on a clinic.

All that from a guy walking through a refugee camp with a bullhorn.  The guy with the bullhorn has no idea.  He has no inkling that what he said had any impact at all.  So much of what we do in our efforts to teach our kids or share with our friends will seem like vain effort.  Like walking through a refugee camp with a bullhorn and not seeing any effect.  But it is not about what we do.  It is about what God does with what we do in the hearts of the Eric’s that hear us.