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Saturday, October 4, 2014

The Absolute Necessity of Revelation

There are a couple of passages that conspire to tell us that apart from God choosing to reveal Himself to us, we would be hopelessly unable to understand Him.  Take a look at them, Isaiah 55:8 – 10 and Psalm 92:5.
Without God helping us, there would be no way we could understand Him.  Thoughts at DTTB.
God’s thoughts are described as much higher and much deeper than we can comprehend.  So we are hopeless when it comes to understanding His thinking.  If He did not choose to explain Himself, there would be no way that we could understand anything about Him.

But He does reveal Himself.

He reveals Himself in His son, Hebrews 1:2.  He reveals Himself in His Word, 2 Peter 1:1 – 4.  Further He has poured out His Spirit so that we can understand what He Has revealed about Himself, John 16:13.

If not for His grace in this, we would be clueless.


  1. My son asked why has God never healed an amputee?

  2. My answer would be that there was a purpose for that person's loss of a limb; one which we could never know, and that only God knows. It may well be that God's purpose had not yet been fulfilled, so the condition remains.

    It is essential to know and understand that having faith in The Savior; who didn't lose a limb; not a bone was broken, as per the prophecy of His death and fulfillment of scripture, but one who freely gave His own Life a ransom for us all; means also believing Him to be the Eternal, The Beginning and the End, the Creator of All Things and The Life Giver.

    Healing an amputee is not beyond His reach, obviously. It is important for your son to understand that it is not as if He couldn't heal the amputee. There is the "why" question that needs to be asked. It could be that God allowed the condition, so that the amputee could become closer to Him, to cause him to rely on His Grace, to come asking in faith for God to fulfill his needs. To look to God as provider of all things. We cannot know the mind of God. It is up to that person on how they will react to God's call.

    God has myriads of inter-working purposes for the human race, each with the singular goal of bringing man to the realization of the existence of The Eternal. To come to the knowledge that man is not an accident of nature, that he has a purpose to fulfill in this vapor of life within the confines of Eternity. To come to the understanding that there is a God and Savior who loved him enough to stand up from His throne and move through His Holy Spirit to bless a virgin woman, and ultimately become flesh, as sinful man is, in the person of Jesus Christ, the Sinless Creator of All.

    His purpose for His life you may ask? To give it as a ransom for many. To fulfill all the words written by the Hebrew prophets, who had written of Him since beginning when the first word had been given to them by The Eternal Himself. The "many" for which He spilled His Own Blood are ALL those who believe in Him and what He had accomplished at the Cross, and who believe that God has raised Him from the dead, defeating the works up corruption, death, and sin, which had cursed man since he first disobeyed God, to His Face, knowing Him and who He is. The Fall of Man from God's Fellowship.

    His Power is Infinite and He is Completely Holy. Perfect; He had to be Perfect in the flesh in order to be a sufficient sacrifice for all of man's sin, from the beginning, to the end of time.

    He Reigns as the God of all, whether any believe it or not, and He is returning soon, with the title deed to planet Earth in His Hands; He will break the seven seals which have kept it rolled up and closed, and it will be the instrument used to take back possession of His Creation from the Lucifer, who has ruled it since the fall.

    His Rule will be Eternal and His Kingdom, Everlasting.

    Praise God for That!