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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Generation to Generation

Psalm 145 tells us that we are to pass on what we know about the greatness and majesty of God to our kids, the next generation.  If we pair that with other passages in the Bible, like 2 Timothy 2:2, we are to do that in a way that our kids will remember and pass that on to their kids.
Generation to Generation
The challenge with that is that we have to remember first.

We, or at least I, tend to forget.

So that means that if I am going to share with my kids in a way that they can remember and share with theirs, I have to figure out a way to remember what God has done.  Globally, that means that at least I need to be consistently in the Word.  That will remind me of the overall plan of redemption, and what He has done to provide that for us.

But He has also done much for me.  There have been prayers that have been answered, victories won, and challenges overcome all through His grace.

The only way I know to remember those is to write them down in my journals.  Otherwise, I forget.  So my journals become the means for me to share the majesty and power of God with my kids.

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