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Saturday, October 25, 2014


Yesterday my daughter had her second child, another little girl.  I got to see her about two hours after she was born.  She can’t do much.  She does not know how to eat, or where food comes from.  She is not real sure she likes all of the sound and light.  She can’t walk.  She cannot talk, although she does have an effective method of communicating displeasure.  She is able to eliminate waste from her system, but has no control over the process.  She cannot change her soiled clothes.
Left alone she would not survive.

There were three nurses and a doctor or two dedicated to her care.

She did not choose her parents.  She did not choose when she would be born.  She has no vote on her hair color at the moment, which changes later with girls.  She does not get to choose her eye color.  She does not choose what she wears.
She is completely and utterly dependent.

I seem to remember our Lord suggesting that we needed to come to Him like a child (Matthew 18:2 – 5, 19:13 – 14; Mark 10:13 – 15, Luke 18:16 – 17).

Wonder what he meant.

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