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Monday, October 27, 2014

The Impact of God’s Nature on our Lives

I was reading this afternoon and the last half of three verses jumped off of the page at me, Psalm 89:9, 15 – 16.
The Impact of God’s Nature on our Lives
9b – …your faithfulness surrounds you…  The Lord’s faithfulness permeates His environment, His sphere of influence.  That sphere of influence is infinite.  His faithfulness encompasses the universe.

15b – …O Lord, they walk in the light of your countenance…  As the Lord’s people we move and live in the presence of His glory.  Think of 1 John 1, we walk in the light.  Psalm 27:4, David’s one desire was to behold the beauty of the Lord.  Think of Isaiah’s experience in the throne room in Isaiah 6, and John’s experience in that same location in Revelation 4 and 5.  Not only does the Lord’s faithfulness surround Him, but the beauty of His countenance as well.  All of the glory we see on a day to day basis is but a pale reflection of Him.

16b – …and by your righteousness they are exalted…  I am not exalted by my performance.  Not by my service.  Not by anything that is of my doing.  My exaltation comes from His righteousness.  It is solely because of Him that I have any standing before Him at all.

What do you see in this Psalm?

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