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Monday, October 13, 2014


One of the project in which I am engaged has reinforced my dependency on others in the Body of Christ.  Not only others, but others I have never met.
Ever think you can get things done in the Christian life by yourself?  Thoughts at DTTB.
I needed a digital version of the Nepali Bible.  That is not something I can run down to Walmart and pick up.  To make matters more interesting the versions that are most easily – and I use that term in the loosest possible way – found are not the version that most believers use in country.

I networked through all of the contacts I have and contacted four people, none of whom I know.  Two missionaries and two staff members of organizations that have ministries in Nepal.

One of the missionaries and one of the organizations were of help.  The missionary at first sent me a version different than the one I was seeking.  I do not read Nepali but one of my friends was able to discern that it was not the right version.  I responded to the missionary and within a couple of days had all the passages I needed.  Yesterday, the staff member from the organization sent me the same passages in the same version.

A student at a local university from Nepal is translating my material.  I offered to pay her, but she refused.  She told me that she wanted her people exposed to the message.

When I get off of the plane in Nepal I am to be met by my translator for the week.  I have never met him.  We spoke on the phone last week, briefly.  Briefly, because not being used to his accent, I did not want to offend him by continually asking him to repeat himself.  I have seen his picture and he has seen mine.  So hopefully we will be able to connect in Kathmandu.

Additionally, there are 14 people and a couple of churches who have given money to finance the trip.
So while I will be stepping off of the plane in about three weeks, it is all of these people in the body that will have made whatever I am able to accomplish there possible.

It is their ministry.  I am dependent on them.

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