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Monday, October 27, 2014

How Do You React to Failure?

There are two types of failure I have experienced.  First, when I fail.  Second, when someone fails me.  I do not really like either.
How Do You React to Failure?
I failed this evening.  I was responsible for part of an event at my part time job.  We had technical difficulties that I should have figured out.  That caused a break in the middle of a film we were showing that should not have been there.  It bothers me a great deal when I fail others.  It has happened more times than it should.

Last week someone failed me.  There was a project they were doing for me and they were not able to complete it.  Further, my back up plan is not able to complete the project by my deadline.  I have pushed the deadline to the limit but have not heard yet if they can come through.

So, how do I respond to these events?  When I fail, I tend to beat myself up for some extended period of time.  Sometimes, years.  When others fail my response is mixed.  At times I get angry other times, like this week, I saw God’s hand in the situation, and was able, at a shallow level, to accept the situation.

Two passages come to mine.  For my failures, Proverbs 24:16.  For other’s failures, Matthew 18:22.

As I think through this, it occurs to me that to react to my and other’s failure the way those passages require, I must, in the core of my being, believe that God is sovereign over my and other’s failure.  That He is using that failure for His purpose in my and other’s lives.

That does not make this much easier, but it gives me a place to start to resolve failure in a manner more closely aligned with Proverbs 24:15 and Matthew 18:22.

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