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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Comfort Food

Do you have a passage of Scripture to which you turn when you really do not know where else to go?  I do.  It is Psalm 119.  If you have read much in this blog that may not be a big shock.  You probably know this, Psalm 119 is David’s alphabetical meditation on the Word of God as a subject.
Where do you go in the Word when you do not know where else to go?  Thoughts at DTTB.
The Psalm is divided into 22 octets, one for each letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  In most of our Bibles each octet has a heading which is the pronunciation of that Hebrew letter.  In one of my Bibles the Hebrew letters are printed, well, all but zayin.  Each verse in the octet starts with the same letter of the alphabet, the one printed above that section.  Look at the picture, you will see that each verse starts with the same Hebrew character אַ, remember to read right to left.
The Psalm is built on alliteration

So as I was waiting for the men to come to the workshop tonight I pulled out my journal and Bible and turned to Psalm 119.  I wrote down the first verse and started interacting with it.  That verse sent me to Galatians, Jeremiah, and I was headed several other places when the men walked in.

Even though I have been through that Psalm countless times, the thoughts were new, fresh.  Further, since the Psalm deals with my passion, being in the Word, it was like eating a plate full of comfort food.  It was a good time.  Short, but good.

If you do not have some comfort food in the Word, find some.

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