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Friday, June 15, 2012


This afternoon I went for a hike. There is a "Urban Wilderness Area" here. I have hiked all over the eastern side of of the wilderness but have never ventured into the western side. Someone asked me to lead a group on a five mile hike and the trail on the western side is about five miles so I hiked it today so I would know where to lead the group tomorrow.
The wonder of finding a new trail on a hike is like the wonder of finding something new in the Word.

The trail is fairly well marked. But at one crucial point it was not. I could not find where the trail went and it took me about 45 minutes to locate the proper direction. I had a map of sorts but no compass. Parts of the trail were stunning. If it were not for the fact that from time to time I could still hear cars on the freeways that surround the area I would have forgotten I was still at home.

 Studying the Bible is much like finding a new trail. I wander through a passage with a map that is the structure of the study that I use. I look for indications in the book, trail blazes so to speak, to indicate the direction I should go. Sometimes I get bogged down or lost and it takes some time to get reoriented. More often than not I am stunned by the beauty of what I see in His Word.