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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Starting with You

In chapter two of Your Walk, their walk, I try to make the point that if we as dads are going to make a difference in our kids understanding of the Bible; we have to be in it ourselves.  That was strongly reinforced this morning during the third session of the current Dads Teach the Bible 10 week workshop.
As dads if we hope to help our children process life through the Word of God, we have to be in it for ourselves.
Part of each week’s assignment is to share with your kids something from the study.  This man shared that he was watching a movie with his kids where a series of poor decisions by a teen put them in a mistaken identity situation resulting in their death.  He shared with them the importance of character and the consequences of our actions from our study and discussion last week on 2 Peter.

He concluded by sharing with the men that if we had not been in the Word on this topic the week before, he would not have been able to so quickly connect what his kids were seeing in the movie to 2 Peter.  I asked him to repeat that statement.  Twice.  Then I repeated it.  Huge.  He hit the nail with his head.  It is virtually – no check that – it is impossible to share something from nothing.  If we are not in the Word for ourselves, for the purpose of our own growth in our relationship with Christ, just us with Him, no commentary or guide book, relying on the Holy Spirit, we cannot hope to be able to connect the Bible to our kids experience of life.

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