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Friday, December 19, 2014

Missed Opportunity

In 1974 I graduated from UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training) in the US Air Force.  I went directly from there to PIT (Pilot Instructor Training).  Just before I left for Randolph I said goodbye to about four of my classmates, two from Denmark and three from Norway.
Missed Opportunity
One of the Norwegians was my partner for my formation check ride in T-38s.  As we were saying goodbye, at some point in the conversation something about my relationship with Christ came up.  One of the guys said to me, “I see we have left some things unsaid.”

One of the members of my class was also a graduate of Texas A&M, we were both Aggies.  He washed out and ended up in the back seat of an F-4 as a EWO (Electronics Warfare Officer).

When I got back to Craig as an instructor.  One of the students in my BOQ came by my room several times to talk.
What ties these men together?

I was on a cross country in San Antonio and ran into the commander of the Norwegian.  He took an F-104 into the North Sea chasing a Soviet sub.

The Aggie was in the back seat of his F-4 when his pilot, with target fixation, flew the plane into the ground.
Same thing happened to the student in my BOQ, except he was the pilot.

I did not share my faith with any of those men.

I work part time at a high end outdoor store.  One of the men for whom I have been concerned quit today.  He will return to his home state tomorrow.  I have been working at getting closer to him.  I have not shared my faith with him either.
Men who were in my sphere of influence with whom I failed to share.

There are those around us daily who need to know the Lord.  While we are working out how to approach them, they can be fatally injured.  I have hesitated.  With the result that with these four men I lost the opportunity.  The first three permanently.  There still may be a chance with the fourth, small, but a chance.

Do not hesitate.