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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Complete Excitement

This afternoon we exchanged Christmas presents with my kids and their families.  For the past… well for as long as I can remember, we start this process with coffee cake.  My wife hides a full pecan in the coffee cake and whoever gets that piece, goes to the tree and picks out the first present to give.
Complete Excitement
The person that receives the present opens it and then picks out the next present to give.  We do that until all of the presents are gone.

This year three of the grandkids “helped” open each present.  They are four and nearly a half, two and a couple of months, and one and a half.  They were into opening the presents.

The one and a half boy was really into it.  He could not decide whether ripping the paper or jumping on the package was most effective.  Regardless his face was lit up and he was completely engaged in “helping”.

It occurs to me that we should have that level of committed excitement about the gift we got.  The reason we celebrate this holiday.  We cannot wait.  We are overcome with the joy of discovering what the gift means to us.  Diving in with complete joy and excitement to open our hearts to that gift.