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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Time Zones/Jet Lag

Going on record that I am not a fan of either.  I got back from my trip last night.  I got up, Tulsa time, at 8 PM Monday evening and got home at about 11 PM last night.
Time Zones/Jet Lag
I get why we have to have time zones.  Life would not work well without them, but crossing 9 of them is hard on me, and getting harder.  It was easier than crossing 13 though.

I say all of that to say that sometimes there is a cost to what the Lord asks us to do.  Well, pretty much all the time there is a cost.  Whether it is a long trip or investing time with our kids, it takes time, effort, planning, thinking, and other things that would make good sense if I could think of what they are…

The other half of the equation is something that a group of us talked about at noon.  After we obey, cross the time zones, invest the time in our kids, whatever it is that we are doing to obey Him.  It is pretty much impossible to measure the impact of what we have done.

It may be months, years, or after we are in the presence of our Lord, or never that we know the result of what we have done.  All we are responsible for is to do what He asks, cross the time zones.  Invest the time with our kids or those whom He has called us to serve.  The result is His deal.