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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Time of Useful Consciousness

During water survival we were told about Time of Useful Consciousness (TUC).  They told us that if we ejected into cold water i.e. water that was below about 70 degrees you have a limited time where you will be coherent and able rationally think about what you are doing, TUC.  The lower the water temp, the less TUC you have.
Time of Useful Consciousness
Not sure this guy has any TUC...
For the past several days, I have felt like I had a TUC of about 4.5 hours per day.  I am sick and recovering from a hard overseas trip.  Each day I function longer, but I am at best operating at a significantly reduced capacity.

Thinking through this, it occurs to me that Proverbs 3:9 speaks to this at some level.  In my best TUC I should be engaged at some level with the Lord.  Today that was not the case.  Matter of fact that is the case most days.  I do not put my focus during my best TUC on the Lord.

I am going to work at changing that.

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