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Thursday, December 4, 2014


I have had a bad day.  It was my fault.  I did something really stupid yesterday and it cost me a lot of money.  I know better.  The signs were all there.  But I got duped.
The thing is the Lord warned me.  There was a check in my spirit, which essentially I ignored.  1 Thessalonians 5:19 tells us not to quench the Spirit.  I think that is exactly what I did.  Isaiah 30:21 tells us that the Lord will direct by telling us which way to turn.  He did, I didn’t.  Costly lesson.

It takes a while to get to know His voice.  Just like it takes a while to get to know the voice of our loved ones.  But, when we hear them we know them.  Jesus said that we will know His voice, John 10:27.

It seems to me that when we hear and do not respond, like I did yesterday, that is quenching God’s Spirit.

Stupid.  Costly.


  1. Sorry to hear you missed it. Glad you are humble to admit and learn.
    I recall time when I knew God spoke, yet for a long time was willingly disobedient. Fortunately, God was faithful to wait until I repented and, only by His grace, obeyed. Else my life would be a mess: I would be married an unbelieving girl and learning to obey a harder way.

    1. That would have been a much more costly lesson