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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Like a Child Again

In Nepal a couple of weeks ago I spoke at a child dedication.  This afternoon my granddaughter and her brother were here for a few hours.  My grandson is one and a half.  He does not talk yet, there is way too much to do to bother with talking.  He is a Tasmanian devil of curiosity, he moves through life with a determination to find out how everything he sees feels, tastes, and whether it comes apart or not.  He does this at full speed.  Unaware of any danger or consequences, in full trust that the big ones around him will take care of all of that.
Like a Child Again
Watching him interact with his environment the way he does was entertaining to say the least.  His sister is 4+.  She is of the same mold.  Insatiable curiosity.  But hers is more focused.  She was able for the first time today to look at and appreciate some books we have had for years that were pop ups.  Her brother would have destroyed them in seconds.  She was fascinated by the construction and how the pieces worked.  She was able to work them gently so to enjoy and not destroy.

Watching them learn reminded me of the points in the talk I gave at the dedication.  Jesus said we are to be like children (Matthew 18:1 - 16).  One aspect of that childlike behavior is an insatiable desire for more of Him.  Just like my grandson, a hunger to experience all of Him as fast as I can.  Like my granddaughter, to observe the detail, to revel in the intricacies of who He is and how He works in my life.

We are to be like children.

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