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Friday, December 12, 2014

Sleepless in...

I could not sleep last night.  The restaurant does not open until 1930 local.  That is too late for me to eat.  I did anyway.  Stayed up until 2200 and then went to bed.  Laid their until 0230 and gave up and got up.
Sleepless in...
Part of the issue is when I am on one of these projects my mind will not shut down.  I am analyzing and thinking through the implications of the interactions.

A couple of days ago Isaiah 9:15 – 17 was part of my reading.  The connection between that passage and Jeremiah 23:16 – 32 has pretty much lodged in my brain.  The Lord is telling the leaders of both Israel and Judah that sharing anything other than the Word of God with the people is foolish and a waste.

What bothers me, partially what kept me awake, is I know men and ministries who have either partially or nearly completely abandoned emphasis on the Word as central to their ministries.  If Isaiah and Jeremiah are right; foolish and wasteful.

Whatever we do, whether it is with our families, in our service to our churches, or broader efforts in our community and the world, if those efforts do not come from the overflow of our time in the Word of God…

Empty.  Foolish.

1 comment:

  1. Equally foolish are those ministries and churches who worship and deify the words in the Bible as interpreted by their own affiliates, rather than comparing them to the reality of the God Who walked among us and His example today. I've had some extensive experience on both sides of this 'aisle', and would suggest grace - what you may see as empty may be the fullness of God's Word in and through them.