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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Last Minute

Part time, I work at an outdoor equipment store.  I do that primarily for three reasons.  First, we need the income.  Second, I love backpacking; it is how I relax.  Third, it gives me access to people I would normally not ever see.
Last Minute
It is interesting to me that in the last several days the store has done a lot of business.  Today was no different.  Several people came in looking for a number of presents for friends and relatives.  Several said they were shopping at the last minute.  Technically that would be tomorrow when the store is open from 10 to 5.  After we closed tonight we had a call asking what our hours were tomorrow.  Someone is planning on coming in at the last minute.

As people we tend to procrastinate.  We do that with a lot of things in our lives.  Some of those things are fairly important.  More so than some last minute shopping.  We focus on our careers so we can provide for our families.  Then we realize that we have not spent much time with our kids and they do not know us.  So at the last minute we try to squeeze in some time.

At some point we figure out that we have spent half of our lives building a business or a career only to discover that we have neglected developing our knowledge of Christ.  So we decide to switch gears at the last minute.  Books have been written on how to do that.

These next weeks can be a special time.  It can be a time to reflect on what is really important.  To what should we be giving our time?  A new year is a few days away.  Before it gets here we will celebrate the birth of the One who came to redeem us.  His closest disciple reminded us in 1 John 2:15 – 16, that we are not to love this world.  It seems to me we need to heed that command more closely than we do.

Think and pray through how the Lord wants you to invest your time this next year.  Don’t wait till the last minute.