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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Again Why?

March a year ago I shared I was asking myself, “Why?”  There is another facet to that question.

I have been working on the summary of 2 Corinthians for the Wednesday morning group.  This afternoon I was thinking through how I might use 2 Corinthians in the future.  One of the themes that runs through the book is the reaction of the Corinthian church to Paul and Paul’s response to their reaction.  A summary of the Corinthian believer’s reaction to Paul could be that they did not hold him in much regard.
What are the reasons we choose to engage in helping people in their relationship with God?
Paul poured his life into that group of believers and they rewarded him with criticism, disloyalty, slander, and disdain.  Thinking through this causes me to evaluate why I invest in men and what I expect from that investment.

If I am engaged in helping folks in learning to walk with the Lord more closely through learning to study the Bible on their own for the purpose of gaining their respect, donations, honor, or good will, I am not engaging for the right reason.  Paul engaged because he was overwhelmed by the grace that God had lavished on him, 2 Corinthians 5:14.  If I engage for any other reason, I will be disappointed with the result.  It does not matter how folks respond to what I do if it is not them but Christ who I am serving.

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