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Friday, April 12, 2013

The Power of the Word

Last night I met Glen Keane and heard his testimony.  You may not know who Glen is, you know his work.  As Disney’s chief animator he created Ariel, Aladdin, the Beast, and many other characters you and your kids know and love.  His father, Bill, was the creator of the long running cartoon, Family Circus, Billy was modeled after Glen.
Glen Keane, the creator of many of Disney's most beloved characters, came to Christ in a manner you may not believe...
Glen came to Christ when a fellow animator at Disney who was a black Jehovah’s Witness responded to Glen’s question about whether the Bible he saw him reading could help him get answers to knowing God, by telling Glen that as a Jehovah’s Witness he was wrong, but that if he would read John 3:16 in the Bible he then gave Glen (which he had taken out of a hotel room), Glen would find the answer.  Glen takes the stolen Bible with him to get a hamburger.  He reads John 3:16 on the way back.  As he is crossing the street on the way back from Jack’s, he trusts Christ.

You will need to read that again.  There is so much story wrapped up in that sentence that it may take you a few minutes to digest.

I have written earlier about the power of the Word to transform.  Glen’s story highlights, bolds, and underscores that truth.  Look at the elements:
  • A practicing cult member is reading the Bible
  • Figures out that what he believes is wrong
  • When asked admits his error
  • Does not share the truth verbally
  • Hands Glen a stolen Bible
  • Tells him to read John 3:16
  • Glen goes to get a hamburger and comes back with eternal life.
We need to get people into the Word.

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