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Monday, April 29, 2013


As I mentioned yesterday I am still worn out from the weekend.  So this morning when the phone rang at 0630 I did not respond.  I let my wife get it.  She came into the bedroom and woke me up.  My daughter called to tell us that one of her good friends who had a little girl last Tuesday was being rushed to the hospital with what looked like postpartum heart failure.  She asked me to engage those who pray for us.
Most of how we fight the enemy is on our knees and getting others to join us on their knees
I crawled out of bed and sent an email to the 130 people who pray for us.  I then posted the same request on a Tulsa Christian men’s facebook page.  I sent it to our church prayer team, and I sent it to a retired police officer who knew the husband, a current Tulsa officer, and he posted it on the TPD facebook page.

All day I have been getting requests for more and detailed information.  When I got some I would tell the groups.  The Body pulled together around this family.  People they will never meet have been praying all day for them.

Did it matter?

We found out late morning that they had eliminated heart failure.  She is still very sick with fluid around her lungs.  The Drs have not yet determined what is causing this.  She is still in need of prayer.  We will still pray.  But there is value on multiple levels.  The Body pulled together in unity on this.  That is powerful.  This young couple know that they have hundreds of people praying for them.  They are not alone in this war.

That matters.

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