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Friday, April 26, 2013


We – or at least I – worry about, scheme, plan, and attempt to execute all manner of “critical” projects.  My world would probably cease turning if I were not effectively engaged in the effort to keep it spinning.  The things that are on my plate are critical to the well being of humanity after all.  Woe betide any who would hinder my important – check that, critical work by, say, not turning left quickly enough when the light changes.
Perhaps the world may not stop turning if the person in front of me does not turn left as soon as the light changes...
Then I run across passages like Isaiah 48:9 – 10.  This is really not my show.  My contribution while important in the sense that God created me for a specific purpose (Psalm 139:1 – 16; Ephesians 2:10) – well the adhesion molecules is not dependent on my completing my task.  Next year spring will probably come again, as well as the year and years after.  God will prevail.  He will deal with evil – in His time, in His way.  I just need to follow Him and know that He is in control – it is His responsibility to perform, mine to obey.

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