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Thursday, April 25, 2013


On Thursday mornings a group of us meet at 6 AM to study Ephesians.  This morning we were in chapter 2.  Thirty minutes after we meet I am back in my office on Skype with a pastor in Morocco studying Ephesians with him this morning we finished up chapter 1 and started into chapter 2.
The Word of God does not know cultural boundaries.
There is a lot of talk in missions about how we have to be careful not to transfer our culture in the process of helping our brothers and sisters overseas.  I have a lot of thoughts on this I will not share here.  One thing I do know, the guys in the 6 AM group and the Moroccan pastor are reacting to Ephesians in exactly the same way.  All of these men whether sitting in a restaurant in Tulsa or six time zones away, have been overwhelmed by the way God has intentionally lavished us with His Grace.

It seems that when we equip folks to ask the right questions in the right order and give them simple tools to increase their ability to observe the cultural issues seem to dissolve.  Perhaps what we need to do is equip folks to study the Bible – not books about the Bible, the Bible – and get out of the way.

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