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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Life Happens

This morning did not go as planned.  I spent about an hour on the phone with the internet provider because my email quit working yet again.  There was a call to a creditor about an account that was not behaving as I thought it should, discovered a problem that will have to be sorted out.  Before I turned around the morning was gone.
How are we to handle unexpected interruptions to our excellent plans?
When that happens to me, my frustration level goes off of the chart.  I have to remember that God is sovereign over all of those events.  None of the events that took me off plan this morning were a surprise to Him.  They were just more ways in which I can learn to trust Him.  I sometimes, like this morning, do not remember that until after the event.  The people with whom I had to deal were important.  In the midst of the frustrating circumstances I am required to treat those folks as image bearers of Christ.  That is the assignment.  Ofttimes I do not pass very well.  I need to remember that the person is more important than my problem and that God has me there for a reason.

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